Adipurush: A Mythological Epic with Room for Improvement.

Title: “Adipurush: A Mythological Epic with Room for Improvement”

Synopsis: “Adipurush” is an Indian mythological action-fantasy film that aims to captivate audiences with its adaptation of The Ramayana. The movie revolves around the courageous hero Raghava (played by Prabhas), known as Ram, as he embarks on a journey to rescue his kidnapped wife Sita (Janaki, portrayed by Kriti Sanon) from the evil multi-headed god Lankesh/Ravana (Saif Ali Khan). Despite the film’s controversies surrounding certain casting choices and visual effects, “Adipurush” attempts to offer an archetypal story that immerses viewers in a larger-than-life world.

Opinions and Challenges:

“Adipurush” has faced criticism both in India and overseas. The movie’s controversial aspects, including Lankesh’s appearance and Sanon’s casting, have sparked debates about real-life politics and cultural sensitivities. However, for those seeking an immersive experience without distractions, it is possible to enjoy the film by separating it from external associations.

The film’s budget, reportedly exceeding previous Indian mega-productions, and the popularity of its lead actor, Prabhas, have undoubtedly contributed to its hype. However, the underwhelming special effects and poor green-screen compositing detract from the overall experience. The initial hour of the movie, burdened with subpar visual effects, can feel tedious and diminish the anticipation created by Prabhas’ impressive opening scene.

While “Adipurush” relies on viewers’ familiarity with the epic mythology and its characters, it fails to deliver visually stunning and polished scenes. The disjointed execution, including questionable computer graphics and lackluster facial expressions, prevents the film from achieving its full potential.

The inclusion of musical numbers, particularly those featuring Janaki and Lankesh, suffers from unimpressive choreography and unconvincing visual effects, further hampering the film’s dramatic impact. Additionally, the film’s generic elements and apparent inspirations from popular franchises such as “Game of Thrones” and “Lord of the Rings” may leave some viewers unimpressed.

Despite its flaws, “Adipurush” finds redemption in its climactic battle sequences, where director Om Raut manages to infuse some dramatic tension. However, the movie still falls short in terms of overall presentation and grandeur.


“Adipurush” attempts to deliver an epic mythological tale while grappling with controversies and subpar visual effects. It provides viewers with an archetypal story, but its execution leaves much to be desired. While some scenes manage to shine, particularly during the film’s final showdown, the movie as a whole fails to impress due to its uneven visual effects, uninspired presentation, and lack of grandeur. Despite the film’s potential, it ultimately falls short of delivering a satisfying cinematic experience.

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